Sodium Chlorate

It is colorless crystal or white particle at room temperature. No smell. Oxygen is released at about 300 ºC and decomposed at higher temperature.

1g is dissolved in 1ml cold water, 0.5ml boiling water, 130ml ethanol, 50ml boiling ethanol and 4ml glycerol.

The aqueous solution is neutral. Sodium chlorate can reduce its solubility in water, and the relative density is 2.5. The melting point is 248 ºC.

It has strong oxidizability. Friction or impact with organic or reducing substances can cause burning or explosion. Low toxicity, LD50 (rat, oral) 1200mg / kg.

CAS NO:7775-09-9 

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Sodium Chlorate Application

1.For drinking water purification, no residual chlorine odor, treatment of sewage with sterilization, removal of phenol, deodorization.

2.High efficiency bleaching agent and oxidizing agent. Mainly used for pulp, paper and all kinds of fibers, such as cotton, linen, reed. Viscose fiber such as bleaching, bleaching, flour, sugar or starch, oil and wax etc..

3.It is used for the hairing of leather, surface treatment of certain metals, purification of drinking water and sewage treatment, etc. Can be used as discharge agent indanthrene dyeing.

Standard No:GB/T1618-2008

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