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A letter to investors

Respected investors:

With the departure of 2017,Hunan Hengguang Technology Co.,Ltd. and all of you join hands to start the new year. Perhaps you are also learning about the company's operating data. Perhaps you have learned about the company's development plan and strategic deployment through the company's announcement information. Here, we still hope to share with you the road Hengguang shares have traveled in 2017, and share our ideas, future and development direction.

 2017 destined to be an extraordinary year for Hengguang. In this year, the company realized operating income of 460.42 million yuan, an increase of 29% over the previous year, and realized net profit of 615.8 million yuan belonging to the shareholders of listed companies. In this year, the company set up the holding subsidiary Hengyang Fenglian Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. and the company succeeded in the joint test run of the new project of producing 20,000 tons of sulfamic acid and 12,000 tons of calcium-aluminium hydrotalcite annually, marking the company's full entry into the fine industry. In this year, the company carried out environmental protection and safety measures in an all-round way, passed the inspection of the Central Environmental Protection Supervision Group, passed the inspection and acceptance of the information management of hazardous chemicals transportation, and was listed as a pilot enterprise of the State Safety Supervision Bureau. In this year, the company passed the standardized assessment of hazardous solid waste management, obtained the license of hazardous solid waste management, and went to environmental protection. Further progress has been made in the field of services.
Founded in 2008, the company is a basic chemical production enterprise. After nearly 10 years of development, it has developed into a modern high-tech enterprise based on Chlorinators and vulcanizers, with fine chemical industry, new materials and environmental protection services as the leading collection of chemical industry, new material manufacturing, research and development and service.
Looking ahead to 2018, hope and challenge coexist. The external environment of economic development may not change much, but our development ideas and management concepts have changed fundamentally. The company will continue to adhere to the concept of circular economy and green environmental protection, take the basic chemical industry as the platform, rely on resource advantages and industrial basis, and accelerate the upgrading of traditional chemical industry. Focusing on vulcanizing and chlorinating industries, we will extend the high-end areas of new chemical materials and fine chemicals, and build a new industrial system of characteristic chemical materials.
At the beginning of a year, everything is renewed. We are confident that in the complex market environment to create excellent performance for the majority of investors, to live up to investors'trust and support, love and expectations for us. With customer demand as the guide, customer satisfaction as the goal, with your expectations and trust, we will set sail again. Hengguang shares in 2018 strive to go more steadily, faster and farther. Hengguang shares are willing to accompany you and grow together in your life.
Thank you again for your support and trust in Hengguang .

Hunan Hengguang Technology Co., Ltd.

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