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Hengguang Co., Ltd. was awarded the 2022 National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise!

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Recently, the State Intellectual PropertyOffice announced the assessment results of the "2022 National IntellectualProperty Advantage Enterprises and Demonstration Enterprises". Now thatthe publicity period has ended, after strict screening procedures such asenterprise evaluation, recommendation and reporting, and expert review andconfirmation, Hengguang has been recognized as "2022 National IntellectualProperty Advantage Enterprise". The acquisition of this title is not onlythe embodiment of the State Intellectual Property Office's high recognition of HengguangCo., Ltd., but also marks that Hengguang has made outstanding achievements inusing the intellectual property system and enhancing its independent innovationability.

National intellectual property advantageenterprises refer to enterprises that belong to the industrial fields ofnational key development, can undertake major and key industrial developmentprojects of the state and the city, have the ability to independently carry outintellectual property rights, actively carry out intellectual propertyprotection and application, establish comprehensive intellectual propertymanagement systems and mechanisms, and have comprehensive intellectual propertystrength. National intellectual property advantage enterprises are a key partof promoting the demonstration work of building strong intellectual propertyenterprises, an important force supporting the construction of an intellectualproperty power, and also a highly rated evaluation of the creation,application, protection and management of intellectual property rights ofenterprises.

Intellectual property is a directembodiment of an enterprise's innovation and an important indicator of its corecompetitiveness. Hunan Hengguang Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred toas "Hengguang") was established in 2008, is a chlorinator in thecollection a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales ofsulfur chemical product chain. As a more influential rising star of newchemical materials and new energy industry in China, Hengguang Co., Ltd. alwayspracticed the concept of "innovation-driven, green development",guided by technological innovation and driven by the improvement of productquality and safety and industry standards, is a high-tech enterprise in HunanProvince and a high-tech backbone enterprise in Huaihua City, with a provincialenterprise technology center 2 个。

Since its establishment, Hengguang hasalways attached importance to technological innovation, and after long-termaccumulation and precipitation, Hengguang has achieved obvious results in thelayout and protection of intellectual property rights. Up to now, Hengguang andits subsidiaries have 24 invention patents, mainly for the improvement andinnovation of manufacturing processes in the production process. Throughindependent research and development, Hengguang Co., Ltd. has formed the abovepatented technology, which has strong practical application, which makes thecompany's production more cost-effective and environmentally friendly, which isthe key to maintaining the core competitiveness of Hengguang Co., Ltd.

In addition, Hengguang Co., Ltd. cooperates with a number of institutions,continuously increases investment in research and development, and hasparticipated in the drafting of a number of national and industry standards,and the company's scientific and technological achievements are deeplyintegrated with the chemical industry, and the achievements continue to emerge.

The future, constantLight sharesWe will continue to increase investment inR&D and innovation, strengthen innovation drive, continuously buildtechnical barriers, enhance industry competitiveness, help the industryiteratively upgrade, and strive to be the vane of new technologies and new productsin the industry.