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Hengguang Co., Ltd 's first overseas base project team set out!

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On the afternoon of November 15th, theLaos project team of Hengguang Co., Ltd. held a departure ceremony to encouragethe first batch of "pioneers" to go to the Laos base. Cao Lixiang,chairman of Hengguang Co., Ltd., led the company's executives to attend themarching event, and the middle management personnel and some key employees ofeach base attended the event.

Cao Lixiang,chairman of Hengguang Co., Ltd., delivered a speech

At the ceremony, Cao Lixiang, on behalf ofthe board of directors and the company's senior management, expressed hissincerest thanks and expectations to the team in Laos, and wished the overseasexpedition a complete victory. He pointed out that the trip to Laos is ahistoric milestone in the history of the development of Hengguang and the firststep for the company to develop overseas.

Cao Lixiang said that going to sea needsbenchmarks, and soldiers should carry forward the fighting spirit of beingparticularly able to fight and endure hardships, and show the goodprofessionalism and excellent work style of the Hengguang team; It is necessaryto "follow the customs of the countryside", respect local folkcustoms, and open up a good development situation in the Laos base; It isnecessary to overcome difficulties and "fight" towards the goal,strive to build the first phase of the project into the image project of Laosand the image project of Hengguang Co., Ltd., and strive to launch the firstshot of the company's overseas projects.

Hu Jianxin, general manager of the Laos base, made a speech

Hu Jianxin, general manager of the Laosbase, spoke on behalf of the soldiers and expressed his gratitude to the bravepioneers and brave hardships. He said that as the first batch of explorers andpractitioners of Hengguang's international development, all members of the Laosproject know that the mission is glorious and feel the heavy responsibility. Wewill keep our mission in mind, strengthen our confidence, and forge ahead withsweat and wisdom; It will also be righteous, fearless, and brave to moveforward to make a good start for Hengguang's overseas development strategy.

Group photo ofrepresentatives of overseas expeditions

Subsequently, representatives of overseasexpeditions came to the stage in turn to receive the battle flag and flowers.While the battle flag was waving, the soldiers who went out were in highspirits and spirited, and they were taking steps towards a new goal.

Representativesof overseas expeditions shook their fists and took an oath

Wu Xingjie, employee representative of theLaos base, said: "As a member of the domestic support team of the Laosbase, we will definitely do a good job in personnel training and motivation toprovide a source for the sustainable development of the company; Strengthen theservice concept and be a good staff officer and assistant to the leader; Do agood job in employee care and logistics services to provide guarantee for theharmonious development of the company. With the spirit of "breakingthrough", the vigor of "creating" and the style of"doing", we will always maintain the true color of Hengguang andcontribute all our strength to the construction and development of Hengguang inLaos. ”

Wu Xingjie, representative of the Laos base, made aspeech

The start of construction for an annualoutput of 60,000 tons of ion membrane chlor-alkali (phase I) Laos constructionproject, the project mainly planned 30,000 tons / year caustic soda (100) andliquid chlorine, hydrochloric acid, sodium hypochlorite and other relatedproducts, the project is jointly implemented by Hengguang Co., Ltd. and potassiumsub-potassium International, after the completion of the project will providereliable resource guarantee for the development of Hengguang, continue tooptimize the supply of raw materials, Lay a solid foundation for building acoordinated and integrated development pattern of upstream and downstreamindustries.

After the official landing of the Laosproject, it marks that Hengguang's internationalization strategy has officiallyentered the accelerated implementation stage, and the overseas developmentterritory has also opened up a new situation. The Lao market will become thebridgehead of Hengguang in Southeast Asia, playing a radiation and leadingrole. At the same time, this successful cooperation model will also providevaluable experience and template for subsequent project development, andprovide new momentum for Hengguang to further internationalize, strengthen andexpand overseas industries in the future.

"Yellow sand wears gold armor in ahundred battles, and Loulan will not be returned if it is not broken."

Hengguang's soldiers will shoulder thecompany's expectations, rush to the forefront of overseas and start a new roundof battle. They will not be afraid of the fierce wind and waves, remember themission, high morale, and make unremitting efforts for the internationaldevelopment of Hengguang Co., Ltd. with the fighting spirit of "youngcattle, old scalpers and pioneer cattle"!